If you’re considering a pool I highly recommend Casino pools. Casino built our saltwater in-ground pool during the spring and summer of 2010 – 2011. If you don’t remember those seasons, they were the wettest for many decades, culminating in the floods in Brisbane and the walls of water that swept through Toowoomba and the Lockyer valley.

All through this bad weather, Kristian and his team did their utmost to finish the pool within the timeframe arranged. The team were great from start to finish, always accommodating and more than happy to answer any questions that arose during the build.

Once the pool was complete, and as a first time pool owner I made quite a mistake. After many weeks of enjoying the pool, I was finding it difficult to keep the pool clean. The mistake I made was to approach a pool store – which in fact exacerbated the problem! What I should have done in the first place was consult Kristian – this is what I eventually did. Kristian came straight over and treated the pool (at no cost). He gave me clear advice on what to do and over the next few days the pool was crystal clear again. The pool has looked pristine ever since. This illustrates how the service Casino provides extends beyond when the final payment is made!

The main aim of Casino is to get you a pool as quick as possible, and to have you enjoying it as much as you can. Again I highly recommend Casino to you to build your pool.