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Plunge Pools

Do you have a garden or backyard space that is just not big enough for a regular swimming pool? You are in luck because plunge pools in Brisbane are becoming increasingly popular.

Plunge pools give you the cooling and refreshing aspect of a regular pool, but just in a smaller more compact version.

Concrete plunge pools are obviously something that we at Casino Pools specialise in and our clients love it.

What makes plunge pools popular?

These plunge pools are becoming increasingly popular because space can be limited sometimes in homes in Australia and having a plunge pool installed means you can still have the luxury of a swimming pool even within a more confined space.

Plunge pools are also great for relaxing in. They are not really designed for intensive swimming purposes but can have water jets installed which will create somewhat of an artificial current within the water allowing you to swim in place for an extended length of time (great as a workout for sure).

You can most certainly also teach a small child how to swim in a plunge pool.

Concrete vs. Fiberglass

The choice really is yours, but when it comes to whether you should get a concrete or fiberglass plunge pool it really does come down to the following:

  • How urgently do you want the pool installed? (Fiberglass goes a lot faster than concrete because it is pre-fabricated). Concrete pools take several weeks longer to install due to the fact that the pool is built on-site
  • Do you want to customize it? (concrete allows you the choice of making it more unique)
  • Cleaning convenience (concrete is a little tougher to clean)

Did you know that you can also get vinyl plunge pools? These are also great but are far more fragile and can break and get damaged a lot easier – so in the long run it is better to invest in something a little more expensive to ensure the longevity of the product.

Plunge pools can be either in-ground, above ground or partially in-ground. The one you choose will depend on various factors such as the size and shape of the area it is going into and the actual aesthetics you are going for.

Above ground is becoming more popular (although not the most appealing to the eye), but it is definitely the more affordable option available.

More reasons why plunge pools are great!

They are more environmentally friendly due to the fact that they use less water and far less chemicals when it comes to the cleaning process.

What can you expect when you get a plunge pool?

  • You will choose a design and material you wish to use
  • If concrete it will be built on-site, if fiberglass it will be fabricated off-site and brought to your home and installed
  • Concrete pools can take several weeks where fiberglass will take a few days
  • The pool can have varying depth levels – depending on what you choose and how it is installed
  • There are generally more seating areas within a plunge pool – so you will be able to sit and relax in the cool refreshing waters and spend quality time with your loved ones
  • If you are all about sustainability and being eco-friendly then a plunge pool is your best choice

When you contact Casino Pools one our specialist team members will come out to your home to assess the space. You will then be given the options of concrete or fiberglass and how you want it to be installed.

From there you can start the ordering process and before you know it you will be splashing about in your new plunge pool.

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